Promoting safe and efficient use of guns and equipment suitable for self-defense
and providing opportunities to practice safely in a sporting atmosphere.




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Match Cancellation Policy

There is one way to CHECK and one way GET cancellations.

The way to CHECK for a cancellation is to look at the dark box in the upper left corner on the home page of the website.  If a cancellation has been posted then it will be posted in the gray twitter feed box.

The way to GET a cancellation is to receive a text to your mobile phone when we cancel a match.  If you would like to sign up for this simply send an SMS text to 40404 saying follow WestHoustonSC, to receive text messages to your mobile phone in the event of a cancellation.  After you sign up for this you may receive unsolicited text messages from twitter.  If you follow the instructions to opt-out of the unsolicited messages & are still receiving them then contact Arthur & he will help you resolve the problem whidpaweb@gmail.comYou do not need a Twitter account to receive these texts.  The only thing you need is a mobile phone capable of receiving texts.

If the decision is made to cancel the match it will be posted in the Twitter feed -- no later than 5:00pm for Wednesday matches & 10:00pm the Friday before for a Saturday match.  We try to cancel hours before these times so that you don't waste time driving out to the range.

Put your big boy pants on and check the Twitter feed for a cancellation before heading out for a match.  It's your responsibility.



Our regularly scheduled matches are...

  • Weekly Wednesday IDPA  - sign-up from 5:30 - 5:45 PM; match begins 6:00 sharp!  Match usually ends around 8. 

  • Monthly Jan 2018 First Saturday IDPA at Impact Zone - sign-up 8:30 AM; match begins at 9:00.  Match usually ends around 1 & 2.

  • Monthly Feb 2018 changes to Third Saturday IDPA at Pacleb Ranch - sign-up 8:30 AM; match begins at 9:00.  Match usually ends around 1 & 2.

  • Monthly Second Saturday 3-Gun at Impact Zone - sign-up 8:30 AM; match begins at 9:00.  Match usually ends around 1 & 2.


Match Fees & Memberships

Here is the waiver for the club.  Waiver Form  Everyone must have a properly signed waiver on file with the club before they can shoot with the club.

In order to expand participation, promote ownership in club activities, and simplify operations, Membership and Insurance have been combined into a single fee. All shooters will pay a one-time annual membership fee of only $30. All shooters will pay the same match fee at events.

Paid by Cash or Check only at sign-in until further notice.

Wednesday/Weeknight matches $15.

Saturday/Monthly Pistol Matches $20.

Saturday/Monthly Multi-Gun Matches $25

Walk-Up Registration at all matches will cost $5 more.

Discounts will be given for MDs, Set-Up, & Safety Officers, details to be announced.

According to the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) rule book “Contestants may only shoot one IDPA match as a non-IDPA member. Competitors wishing to shoot additional matches must become IDPA members.”  (This rule does not apply to 3-gun.) 

 Click on the following link to become an IDPA member - https://www.idpa.com/join-now

 Any questions regarding this please contact us at - whidpa@gmail.com


The 1st Law
All Guns Are
Always Loaded!

The 2nd Law
 Never Point The Muzzle
At Something You Are
Not Willing To Destroy!

The 3rd Law
Keep Your Finger
Off The Trigger
Until Your Sights
Are On The Target!

The 4th Law
Identify Your Target,
And What Is Behind It!